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Insurance industry, broker intermediaries

Claims management solutions for the insurer

DEKRA Claims Services has been providing outsourced claims management solutions for the European insurer market since 1959. Our European teams of over 200 general insurance claims specialists deliver cost-effective and compliant claims handling in all European countries and in North Africa and in all insurance lines including motor, cargo & freight, property, liability accident & health and special event claims. We also provide specialist outsourced claims management services for insurance brokers and have experience in partnering with broker intermediaries in all insurance lines.

DEKRA Claims Services is proud to have partnered with some of Europe’s global leading insurance organizations, many of whom are already known for industry-leading insurance solutions. We provide capabilities including:

  • We serve all major Insurance business lines: We handle claims arising from all types of insurance including motor, cargo & freight, property, liability as well as accident & health and special event claims
  • Innovative pricing models: From flat fee pricing to alternative pricing models, we use a number of fee arrangements and can customise our terms according to your requirements
  • Operational excellence: Efficient claims management is essential to the success and reputation of insurers, brokers and intermediaries: We work with clearly defined and agreed SLAs in accordance with legal, financial and personnel/human resources requirements. We have established performance management tools and in the sphere of IT, we offer solutions that provide both flexibility and automation. Our highly-trained, knowledgeable and multilingual claims handlers focus solely on helping you address your business needs and in keeping your clients satisfied
  • We offer tailor-made packages: Whether our clients wish to outsource part of their claims process or their entire claims department, DEKRA Claims Services is able to provide a tailored product that takes into account specific need and requirements. We can also provide immediate claims management relief (for instance following major claims events), claims arising from a run-off programme, as well as long-term outsourcing solutions
  • Full-service offering: We can cover the entire range of the claims value chain and offer a complete range of services, from Coordination centre services to fraud detection, expertise, engineering and forensic, medical, alternative dispute resolution and legal. If your business is - for instance - considering entering a new market, we offer claims handling services in accordance with the ‘Freedom of Services’ (FOS) and ‘Freedom of Establishment’ (FOE) principles within the European Economic Area (EEA) and ‘white label’ services to protect your brand
  • Global reach: Through the DEKRA Group as a whole, our insurer clients can access a worldwide network of experts in not only the field of claims handling. We can help our insurer clients avoid the need for investment or market entry costs and bypass the problem of foreign languages, local regulatory and fiscal rules and cultural barriers