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Field adjustment

Damage to property or goods: expertise long distance or on the spot

At DEKRA Claims Services we provide field adjustment services to property and general liability (MPL) insurers. Through on-site inspections, valuation of losses, proposals for payments and compensation agreements, our primary objective is to provide clear, accurate results effectively and efficiently. We deal with a full range of contingencies: claims handling, loss adjustment and recourse. This includes damage to property as well as third-party liability (material loss and personal injury). Domestic claims may relate to, for example, storm damage or breakage, regardless of who was responsible.

An alternative way of performing field adjustment:

Damage must be visible, tangible and demonstrable. Until now a claims handler has needed to determine the extent of damage on the spot. However, this can take time and costs money. Experts at DEKRA have developed an alternative solution for assessing non-automotive damage: DEKRA i2i®. This high-quality video calling system providing support in claims adjustment, is extremely efficient enabling you or your customers to have a video call with a DEKRA expert whereby the damage is inspected together. This in turn enables our claims handlers to assess the extent of the damage remotely and take prompt action to process the claim. We already use this highly effective technology in specific markets to deal with claims rapidly and effectively.