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This cookie policy sets out which cookies we use on this website and also explains the way in which these cookies are used. This cookie policy is only applicable to you if you are in the European Union.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard disk of the computer and contain certain information and sometimes personal data. The cookies are activated at the beginning of your visit to the website or when you visit a specific part of the website.

DEKRA UK is responsible for the use of cookies on the website.

1. Types of cookies

i. Functional cookies:
Functional cookies are linked to the functioning of our website; this enables us to offer website visitors a better service via our website. We use the following functional cookies:

Cookie NamePurposeExpiration
ARRAffinityDistribute data traffic to the website across different servers for a shorter response timeUntil end of user session

ii. Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies give us a better understanding of how visitors use our website by collecting statistical data. We use the following analytical cookies:

Cookie NamePurposeValidity
BT_ctstCheck whether cookies can be placed on the visitor's computer. Until end of user session
BT_sdcTemporarily store data needed to send Smart MessagesUntil end of user session
BT_pdcPersonalise visitor profile (visitor reads our newsletter, searches for a vacancy, etc.) 1 year
et_coidCount how many times a user visits the website and also calculate when a session has ended, where the user comes from and which keywords are used 2 years
et_idRecognise visitors and control actions2 years
noWS_IDRecognise whether additional functions should be added to the A/B testUntil end of user session

2. Cookies management

You can use your browser to set whether or not you want cookies installed at any time. These procedures may be reviewed or changed by the developers of the browsers, so we cannot guarantee that they will always be fully compliant with the latest version. You can check this information yourself:



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You are free to withdraw your consent to our use of cookies at any time. In order to exercise this right, simply delete the cookies placed on your computer. Please see the relevant instructions of the developer/publisher of your browser, as listed above.

If you do not allow cookies when visiting the website, this may mean prevent some or all parts of the website from working properly.

Under Privacy settings, you can decide for yourself which cookies you allow or refuse from our website.